Discover How to Achieve Your Goals!

The Accountability Collective is a high-level community of women supporting one another on the path to achieving their entrepreneurial and persnal goals! This community is ONLY for people who are COMMITTED to making their goals a reality! 

**VIP Mentorship Program available for those who are committed to ACCELERATING their results! Scroll down for more info.


Why the Accountability Collective is the answer to achieving your goals in 2019!

Sharing the entrepreneur journey with others who "get it" can be one of the most crucial factors to achieving success!  

As women we crave social interaction and validation from our communities, and many find it difficult to maintain enthusiasm for their dreams when they're surrounded by people who don't have similar lifestyle and business goals.

I've personally experienced how joining a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs helped me achieve my goals FASTER and go on to SURPASS them!

The Accountability Collective provides the resources, tools, and COMMUNITY necessary to achieving any goal—big or small, business or personal. It also serves as PROOF OF COMMITMENT to achieving your goals in the new year! 

Take a Look Inside the Collective

  • Monthly Goal-Setting Sessions: Stay on track for success every month by setting and sharing your goals with the group! Reflect on what worked the previous month and how you can improve in the upcoming month. 
  • Monthly Workshops: Dive into the various goal-setting and accountability practices that have helped group members the most. Learn how to implement these practices for yourself!
  • Weekly Support Threads: Share your wins, ask for feedback, or find support each and every week from program members. Actively learning from others is one of the highest forms of accountability!
  • BONUS! Annual Virtual Retreat: We are going to get together for a day of virtual celebrations, workshops, and guest speaker appearances! The retreat is a time for us to reflect on 2019 and build excitement for next year.

Meet Your Host!

Hi! I'm Jackie, and I'm so excited to have you here!

I'm a Marketing Strategist & Success Coach from Los Angeles who found her passion for helping fellow millennial women entrepreneurs as I was growing my marketing business. I've always considered myself multi-passionate (I'm working on an historical fiction novel right now), so naturally I felt I had to create the peer-supported spaces I longed for as I started out on my entrepreneur journey at the age of 24.

I host the Millennial Success Stories podcast--available wherever podcasts are listened to--where my guests and I talk about what it's really like to run a business as a young woman, especially without a spouse or children. 

In addition to the Accountability Collective and the VIP Mentorship Program, I lead the Millennial Women's Mastermind, a high-level experience for millennial entrepreneurs who've recently taken the leap into full-time entrepreneurship! 

When I'm not running my business or hanging out with fellow entrepreneurs, I'm most likely reading, writing, practicing yoga, or watching history documentaries.

Exclusive Founding Members' Pricetag!


Membership in the Accountability Collective is a COMMITMENT to making your goals a reality in 2019.

Are you invested in your goals?

Most people simply don't have the level of commitment and discipline to stick to their goals long enough to achieve them.

That's why monthly payments are the best reminders for us to continue pursuing our goals--even when our goals feel too far away to reach. However, if you join as a Founding Member, you can lock in special pricing at $27 per month! (regularly $47 per month)

Yes, you read that right! You can join the community for just $27 per month, and you'll lock in that rate forever! 


Want results FASTER? Go VIP!



For those who are ready to go the extra mile to achieve their goals each and every month! 

The VIP Mentorship Progam has a commitment of 6 months. Regular monthly membership in the Accountability Collective will begin after the completion of the program.

VIPs value the support of the main community, but understand that the most AMAZING results come from more intimate settings where high-level learning and implementation is expected. 

  • Complete membership access to the main Accountability Collective
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Other VIPs (60-90 minutes)
  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Jackie (60 minutes)
  • Exclusive VIP Virtual Retreat
  • BONUS: Two additional 1:1 Coaching Calls (60 minutes)

What does the VIP Program cost?


Going VIP helps you ACCELRATE YOUR RESULTS! It's one thing to invest in achieving your goals, it's another to invest in achieving your goals FASTER!

If you join as a Founding Member, you can get into the VIP Mentorship Program for ONLY $297 per month! (regularly $397 per month)

And it gets even better...

When you join as a Founding Member, you have the opportunity to lock in the $297 per month price should you decide to renew your space in the mentorship program!