Marketing Strategy & Coaching

You’re in the process of building your dream business! You can practically feel how wonderful your future life as a 6-figure entrepreneur is about to be! All that’s left to do is let the world know how amazing your business is!

My marketing strategy and coaching packages are designed to help entrepreneurs who understand that to build a 6-figure business, you need a marketing strategy that will bring you 6-figure-worthy clients!

In just 4 months, your life could look like this:

  • Morning Yoga on the Beach every day (or as often as you’d like to get out of bed early)
  • Regular Discovery Calls with Soulmate Clients every week
  • Signing a majority of those clients to your signature program and watching their lives TRANSFORM before your eyes!
  • Growing your community through the power of your message on auto-pilot every day
  • Hiring a team of 5+ people who LOVE your mission as much as you do
  • Receiving international recognition for your empowering work (BOOK DEALS!)

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1:1 Marketing Coaching

Nearly every 6- and 7-figure entrepreneur out there has one secret in common: a kick-ass marketing strategist! In some cases, more than one! My strategy and coaching packages are designed to help you market your business so you can work on fulfilling your mission.

Custom Marketing Strategy

Each business needs its own unique marketing strategy. Hiring an expert who understands all the factors that go into developing and executing a marketing strategy is one of the best investments you can make in your business. If you plan on scaling to 6-figures and beyond, it’s a necessity!

Done-for-You Services

There is no need to spend hours upon hours of your time learning how to create your funnel, build your website, or master social media. Focus on your clients and allow me to create all the marketing elements you need for your 6-figure business!

Marketing Strategy & Coaching Packages

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My marketing strategy and coaching packages are designed for new and established businesses that are ready to scale to 6-figures and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marketing Coaching?

Much like business coaching, marketing coaching focuses on improvement across all the marketing aspects of your business. This may include your branding, website, email, social media, traditional media, course building, program launching, client experience, etc. The purpose of coaching is to provide practical instruction that will enable each entrepreneur to deepen her understanding of the marketing systems in her business.

Will you be coaching me through funnel, website, and email building?

Should you choose my Luxe or Grand package, all the technical building will be done for you! I want to ensure that you understand how your marketing systems work, so I will be providing plenty of insight into the reasoning behind each of these marketing elements.

What is the timeline of your program?

The timeline of my strategy and coaching programs depends on the client’s business needs. In general, the first month is dedicated to research and strategy, the second and third months are dedicated to creating all the necessary materials (website, funnel, email templates, etc.) and the fourth month is execution and initial monitoring. Please note that each program is tailored individually to each business, and your custom program may look different than the example provided.

What Are You Waiting For?

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about my services.