Premium Social Media Management

To put it lightly, you’re done with social media. It’s taking your time away from running your business and draining your energy. However, you know that hiring a VA or a Content Manager isn’t going to help your bottom line.

My Premium Social Media Management services will allow you to focus on running your business while knowing that your social accounts will be generating leads and converting new clients!

Content Management & Strategy

You’re tired of paying someone hourly who only seems to care about filling the content calendar for the month. You want a strategic plan put into action that will convert clients directly from social media, drive traffic to your site, and allow you to achieve your business goals!

Community Management

You’d rather spend your time running your business and providing top-notch service to your clients than answering questions and comments on social media. You want someone to engage with your social media community in a way that will convert clients and lead to more discovery calls!


You’re ready to implement an aggressive marketing strategy, but how do you know if it’s benefitting your business? You’re looking for tangible proof on your ROI. You want to have a detailed understanding of your business so that you can set meaningful goals for growth!

Premium Management Packages

*Content Creation & Curation differs for every brand/business. Expectations will be discussed during the Introductory Consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times will you post to my social media channels?
Posting frequency differs based on platform, as well as brand/business type and recognition. As your social media manager, I will use standard practices of social media agencies to determine the best frequency for posting to your business’s social channels. I will review all strategies with you during our monthly Strategy Sessions before I begin posting for the month.
Are you available outside of our Monthly Strategy Sessions to answer any questions that may come up?
Yes! All my clients are able to contact me via email 24/7 or via phone during daylight hours.
Why are your packages more expensive than other social media managers or VAs?
My social media packages are modeled on those provided by social media agencies. I will be providing the services of an entire team of experts: content managers, community managers, strategists, and analysts.
What results can I expect?
My social media packages include weekly analytics reports. These reports will allow us to determine which posts are converting and which ones are not. My premium management clients have experienced an increase in overall audience size, engagement, and client conversions as a direct result of my services.

What Are You Waiting For?

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about my services.